The Courage To Action Your Passion

The Courage To Action Your Passion

Every journey has its destination and every story has an end. The stories we remember are the ones we connect to, and the ones we connect to are the ones we wished was ours. But in the mix, we often forget what makes the stories memorable, Courage.

Twelve months ago the word ‘Courage’ was simply executing an amazing idea – but the true meaning has only just starting to resonate. The deeper I look the stronger the definition gets and I’m still on the surface, such is life.

Courage is:

  • Taking action – even when no one believes in your idea
  • Believing in the possibilities over problems
  • Differentiating ‘what is’ from ‘what if’
  • Separating emotions from execution
  • Inspiring others to believe in your vision
  • Listening to everyone but trusting yourself
  • Being true and transparent
  • Achieving results without any target
  • Adding Value
  • Knowing that silence is sometimes the best answer
  • Understanding and assisting others
  • Staying content through evert challenge
  • Being present

‘Success or failure is only a label, success cannot be a destination and failure cannot be the end, we hold the power to achieve the impossible – just, look within.’

We are actioning what we believe – Accelerate the transition to a sustainable work-life balance. Because there is nothing more valuable than having real interactions with your friends and family. Our work at Bsociable has only made these interactions easy, exciting and efficient.

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