App makes catch-up easy – Daily Telegraph

App makes catch-up easy – Daily Telegraph

Organising a social event with friends or family usually starts innocently enough – a general text sent out to see who is available.

Before long though, hundreds of messages have been sent back and forth, no one can decide on a date let alone a venue, and the original event organiser wishes they had not asked the question.

A Castle Hill man believes he has the solution for the inevitable stress that comes from trying to organise social catch-ups – a mobile app called Bsociable.

The Bsociable mobile app aims to make organising social events easier and more convenient. The app includes a calendar, map, location services and RSVP options.

Randeep Wasal had the idea for the app six years ago, after experiencing frustration when trying to organise social events with friends and family.

After trying to co-ordinate with calendar, messaging and social networking apps, Mr Wasal decided there must be an easier way.

He said his experiences sparked the idea to “build this whole thing into a model and build an app”.

Development of the app began last year, and three months ago Mr Wasal took a leap of faith and left his steady job in IT to work on Bsociable full-time.

“It was a step,” he said.

“But I don’t think I can be comfortable thinking of an idea and someone else doing it … I had the idea and I believed in it.”

The father-of-two said the app was all about the “simplification of how people interact”.

Bsociable allows users to connect with others in specific chats and organise any type of event.

Features include a calendar, location services – so hosts can see where their guests are – RSVP options and maps.

“We have a three-tab approach – if you can’t find where you want to go in three tabs, it’s useless,” he said.

Mr Wasal said the app has had more than 350 downloads in its first week.

“People are loving it,” he said.

The app is available to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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