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Reliable - Easy - Stress Free

A sophisticated mobile app to simplify your everyday social interaction. With a simple and versatile interface, connect, organise events and interact in person with anyone and anywhere.

From planning a walk in the park to going on a shopping spree, running regular dinner events or organising birthday party/anniversary events, your options are endless.

Be Informed and Stay Relevant

With the live chat you can interact, share messages, photos and memories with your inner circle. When its time for that catch-up, simply add the date and venue to the chat group using the event manager.

Meet our event planners

I love one view group calendar, it is so quick to lock a date for our family dinners.
John Roland Sydney based organiser
Bsociable has solved my coordination problem, I now enjoy my dream job and run yoga class daily and accurately.  
Catherine Drews Melbourne based organiser
I consolidated my apps because Bsociable has covered all the small things in one app that were previously scattered.
Tom Jenkins Perth based event organiser
Bsociable has enabled me to run my passion and coordinate my cooking classes like I have never done before.
Tracey Yap Sydney based mum and cooking class organiser
The location service is my favourite, I use it regardless to check my family's whereabouts and safety.
Mike Donald Sydney based organiser

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